NGTS Telescopes and Detectors

The NGTS telescopes are modified versions of 200mm (8 inch), f/2.8 high-quality commercial telescopes made by Astro Systeme Austria (ASA). Twelve of these telescopes are mounted individually on equatorial forks supplied by OMI. Each telesocpe has a field of view of 8 square degrees; working in unison, the total field of view is 96 square degrees.

The NGTS 20cm telescopes on their mounts in the enclosure at ESO Paranal (Credit:ESO/R. West)

The NGTS cameras are modified ikon-L cameras by Andor Technology Ltd built around red-sensitive deep-depletion CCDs by e2v. These large format (2k×2k) detectors designed to observe with optimal sensitivity in the 600 to 900nm range, in order to match the peak emission of the primary targets (K and early M stars). The 13.5 micron pixels give a resolution of 4.97 arcsecs/pixel. All the cameras have undergone an extensive regime of testing and characterisation in the laboratory at the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester, in close partnership with Andor.