NGTS Management Board

The NGTS project is overseen by a management board chaired by Peter Wheatley (University of Warwick). The NGTS Board includes representatives of each of the consortium partner instities, as well as the Chilean astronomical community and external collaborators as follows:

Queen's University Belfast
Chris Watson

University of Warwick
Peter Wheatley, Don Pollacco, Richard West

University of Leicester
Mike Goad

Observatoire de Genève
Stéphane Udry

DLR, Berlin
Heike Rauer

University of Cambridge
Didier Queloz

Chilean community
James Jenkins, Universidad de Chile

External collaborators
Ed Gillen, Queen Mary, University of London

NGTS Working Groups

The NGTS team is organised into a series of working groups, led as follows:

Exoplanet Candidates
Philipp Eigmueller, DLR Berlin

Bright Stars
Dan Bayliss, University of Warwick

Stellar Clusters
Ed Gillen, University of Cambridge

Single-Transit Events
Sam Gill, University of Warwick

Eclipsing Binaries
Sarah Casewell, University of Leicester

Faint Stars and Flares
Alex Chaushev, TU Berlin
James Jackman, University of Warwick